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Academy On The Road Training Programs (AOTR)

The Pennsylvania State Fire Academy (PSFA) under the auspices of the Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OSFC) offers “Academy on the Road” (AOTR) training programs to the emergency services.  These programs are conducted by PSFA Resident and Adjunct instructors free of charge (tuition free depending on budget) and are available to be taught at your location to fire/rescue organizations interested in these specialized courses. Depending on the course, a materials or transportation fee may be required.
The PSFA provides the cadre of qualified instructors and student materials required to teach the course at your location.  The fire department is responsible to recruit a minimum number (24) of qualified students that meet the course prerequisites and provide their completed applications to the PSFA 15 days prior to the start of the course.  Instructors, course materials and certificates will be issued by the PSFA to the sponsoring agency. 
AOTR Programs fall into one of two categories.  Alternative Energy and Fire Service:
  • Alternative Energy Emergency Response (AEER)  (Application for AEER Course request)
    • Advanced Logger Rescue Training (ALRT)
    • Foam - Ethanol Technician Level I (FEUT)
    • Firefighting at Shale Gas Emergencies (FSGE)
    • First Responder Safety Training for Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Stations (NGVF)
    • Pipeline Emergencies Awareness Training (PEAT)
    • Pipeline Emergencies Operations Training (PEOT)
    • Portable Pipelines for First Responders (PPFR)
    • Responding to Ethanol Incidents (RTEI)
    • Transportation Rail Incident Preparedness & Response: Flammable Liquid Unit Trains (TRIPR)
    • Well Site Emergency For First Responders (WEFR) 
    • Well Site Production Phase Emergencies (WPPE)
    • Wild Well Hazardous Materials Technician (WWHMT)
    • Wild Well Hazardous Materials Technician (WWHMTR)
  • Fire Service Academy on the Road (AOTR) (Application for AOTR Course request)
If you are interested in scheduling any of these “AOTR” classes for your department or in your area, please contact the PSFA to request a course, select course dates and discuss course logistical needs. 
  • For Alternative Energy “AOTR” courses, please contact Jerry Bimle at 1-800-459-4096 or by e-mail at
  • For Suppression “AOTR” courses, please contact Tom Leiter 1-800-459-4096 or by e-mail at    
To see the descriptions and prerequisites of “AOTR” courses, please click on the links below.