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Emergency Medical Services COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program

NEW: EMS COVID-19 Recovery Grant Recipient List (PDF)
The 645 companies listed above, will each be awarded grants totalling $37,237.

Governor Tom Wolf signed into law Act 10 of 2022, which created a $25 million grant program for Pennsylvania’s emergency management services (EMS) agencies.

Act 10 of 2022 established the Emergency Medical Services COVID-19 Recovery Grant Program to be administered by OSFC, in consultation with the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


Eligible career and volunteer EMS agencies (that meet the criteria as defined by Act 10 of 2022) have been directly contacted by OSFC.

These agencies have been invited to certify their eligibility to receive grant funding to provide services in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Eligible EMS agencies have been provided with the Certification Portal link and access code.

The Certification Portal closed on April 10, 2022. EMS agencies will not receive a grant if they failed to certify by April 10, 2022.

For help with the certification process, we've created Grant Certification Walkthrough Instructions (PDF).

More Information

For more information about this grant program, access the following resources: