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​Advisory Board

The State Fire Advisory Board was established by Act 91 of 2020, which amended Chapter 73 of Title 35 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes (Title 35). The Fire Advisory Board is codified in Section 7386 of Title 35 (MS Word).

The board was created to advise OSFC on the needs and issues faced by the fire service organizations in the commonwealth.  

The board may elect to create subcommittees to study and provide advice to OSFC on specific technical and program areas. 


See the current members of the State Fire Advisory Board below. Members include a firefighter representative from each of Pennsylvania's nine regions, broken down in this map:

Map of OSFC Advisory Board Regions.

Region 1 Firefighter
​James Carstater
​Region 2 Firefighter
​Art Martynuska
Region 3 Firefighter
​Joseph C. Mitchell
Region 4 Firefighter
​Bruce Trego
Region 5 Firefighter
​Sam Aungst
Region 6 Firefighter
​Jeffrey A. Jumper
Region 7 Firefighter
​Frank J. Zangari
Region 8 Firefighter
​Timothy Knapp
Region 9 Firefighter
​Thomas O'Donnell
International Association of firefighters president or designee (first-, second-, or third-class city)
​Jeremy Warmkessel
State Fire Commissioner or designee
​Charles J. McGarvey Sr.
PA Professional Firefighters Association president or designee
​Robert Brooks
PA Career Fire Chiefs Association president or designee
​Dustin Ulrich
​PA Fire and Emergency Services Institute president or designee
​Steve Bair
​PEMA Director
​David "Randy" Padfield
​Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services director
​Aaron M. Rhone, Ph.D., MPA, EMT
PA Association of Hazardous Materials Technicians
​Chris Tantlinger
PA Association of Fire Equipment Distributors
​Adam Andrews
​County Commissioners Association of PA
​Lisa Schaefer
PA Municipal League
​John Brenner
​PA State Association of Township Commissioners
​Nathan P. Silcox
​State Association of Township Supervisors
​Andrew J. Boni
​PA State Association of Boroughs
​Thomas Gramling
​Association of Councils of Governments
​Linda Costa
Fire equipment and apparatus vendor
​Amy S. Sweitzer