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Youth-Set Fires

Our mission is to address the pervasive and destructive problem of juvenile firesetting in Pennsylvania, and to reduce the risk of fire-related loss of life, personal injury, and property destruction.

    • Children " playing" with fire start more than 100,000 reported fires annually in the U.S. 
    • Yearly, fires set by youth cause an estimated 350 deaths and over 3,000 injuries. 
    • Fire protection costs and property loss attributed to youth-set fires exceeds $350 million annually. 
    • More than half of those arrested for arson are younger than 18. 
    • Almost 7 percent of youth arrested for arson are younger than 10.
    • More than 80 percent of children who set fires will be repeat offenders, if left untreated. 
If united, a community or region can address the existing needs communicated by children and youth through their firesetting behavior. 

Pennsylvania has a comprehensive  program to address the problem of juvenile firesetting. 


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​Historical Perspective

The prevalence of fires set by juveniles was the driving force that caused us to recruit and empower the Pennsylvania Child Firesetting and Juvenile Arso Task Force in 2001.

Advisory Group

Pennsylvania’s initiative for juvenile firesetter intervention is managed by the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Steering Committee, which oversees four workgroups.

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