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Make A Plan

House fires become life-threatening in two minutes and can engulf a residence in as few as five minutes.

That's why it's so important to talk with your family about evacuation routes before a fire ever takes place.

Do your best to keep your evacuation plan simple so everyone can remember important details in the event of an emergency.

Map of first-floor of a home with arrows displayign evacuation routes

Be Sure To

    • Review escape routes for each room.
    • Try to find two ways out of every room.
    • Make sure windows aren't nailed or painted shut.
    • Make sure doors and windows aren't blocked.
    • Check that security gratings on windows have fire-safety openings.
    • Learn how to turn off your water, gas, and electricity at the main switches.
    • Gas service turned off? Call your gas company to restore service. Never attempt to restore service yourself.
    • More than one level to your home? Consider getting escape ladders.
    • Teach family members to stay low to the floor when escaping fire.

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