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Strategic Plan

The Office of the State Fire Commissioner has put together a strategic plan for improved communication, more collaboration, and better programs and services.

Goal 1

Establish and implement a more transparent, frequent, and global communication strategy with staff and external partners.

    • Objective 1: Build trust and establish two-way, open communications and engagement with internal staff.
    • Objective 2: In collaboration with external partners, develop confidence in communications through consistent outreach, utilizing diverse methods.
    • Objective 3: Connect internal staff and external partners to assure effective communications, services, and operations.

Goal 2

Identify and build network to increase collaboration in the delivery of services provided by the fire service.

    • Objective 1: Identify alliances and partnerships to support and enhance our mission.
    • Objective 2: Ensure stakeholders have access to best practices to benefit the fire service in Pennsylvania.
    • Objective 3: Create and institutionalize pathways to enhance and sustain future operations for the fire service in Pennsylvania.

Goal 3

Improve access to programs and services.

    • Objective 1: Implement annual policy and procedure review processes to be more timely, efficient, and accurate in service the fire service.
    • Objective 2: Leverage technology to improve access to services and information.
    • Objective 3: Identify and secure sustained funding to support the enhanced services provided to the fire service.