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Line of Duty Death Support

The Office of the State Fire Commissioner (OSFC)/PA State Fire Academy (PSFA) staff offers its services and/or resources during a line of duty death (LODD). The team is headed by the local level field supervisors, who serve as the liaison to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation with support from the fire commissioner, full- and part-time staff, or county and local emergency management agencies as the situation necessitates.

The support and resources are available to all fire departments in Pennsylvania. These are not automatic but must be officially requested by the organization that sustained the loss. 

OSFC/PSFA does not have the authority to determine if the tragic event is a LODD, but does provide requested aid during this difficult time.

The team’s top priority is to assist the family of the deceased with providing the proper honors. It is not the responsibility of the staff to take over or lead this process.  The team will assist the family, fire department, and municipality to assure that the family’s requests are addressed for the services.

After the ceremony, our LODD team leader(s), who are trained in filing procedures and benefit claims, on both the state and federal level, will provide information for the application of qualifying benefits. 

Death Benefit Resources

Pennsylvania Benefits:
Emergency and Law Enforcement Personnel Line of Duty Death Benefits

Federal Benefits:
Public Safety Officers' Benefits (PSOB) Program