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Operational Update

The Office of the State Fire Commissioner and the State Fire Academy facilities are closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and all employees are teleworking. Although responses may be delayed, we are doing our best to provide continued customer service during this time. View our staff contact information below.

All media inquiries should be directed to the OSFC Press Office at 717-651-2009.

Trego, Bruce Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner 
Archer, Tim ​Resident Instructor, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3751​
Baxter, Felicia​Certification/Local Level Support, SFA-Lewistown717-247-3753​
Bimle, Gerald Alternative Energy Program Manager, SFA-Lewistown ​717-247-3752
Boyer, Harvey​Alternative Energy Program Specialist, SFA-Lewistown717-247-3750​
 Brooks, Terri Alternative Energy Grant Support, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3747
Carlson, Rachel ​Grant Program Support, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2206
​Cook, Thomas ​State Fire Academy Administrator, SFA-Lewistown ​717-247-3741
 Foust, Edward Maintenance Repairman, SFA-Lewistown 717-248-0537
Herman, Kraig Public Education Specialist, OSFC-Harrisburg                     717-651-2209
Koller, Kathy Resident Program Registrar, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3749
  Leiter, Thomas Resident Instructor, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3748
McBride Jr., Michael​ ​Certification Program Specialist, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3744​
​Neve, Victoria  ​Fiscal Tech, OSFC-Harrisburg717-651-2199​
 Orwig, Gary ​Grant Program Support, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2011
Sinclair, Letitia​ ​Loans and Grants Program Manager, OSFC-Harrisburg ​717-​651-2205
Smyth, David ​Certification Program Specialist, SFA-Lewistown ​717-247-3754
  Snyder, Douglas Eastern Area Field Supervisor, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3745
 Snyder, Robin Fire Commissioner Secretary, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2201
Tang, Nancy ​Accountant , OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-​2276
Williams, Christine ​Administrative Officer/PennFIRS, OSFC-Harrisburg ​717-651-2202
Wineland, Mark Western Area Field Supervisor, SFA-Indiana 724-357-0103
Young-Brungard, Tracie ​Certification Program Manager, SFA-Lewistown ​717-247-3743