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Local Level Training Officer Information

Course Lengths and Schedules

Course schedules are quite flexible, and are usually arranged by mutual consent between the instructor, you the Training Officer, and the Educational Training Agency (ETA). Typical schedules would be 3-4 hours per night once or twice a week. Or, 8 hours a day on a Saturday and/or Sunday may be another type of schedule. For long courses, the schedule usually includes week night and weekend class sessions.


The ETA may charge for course materials (student manuals, workbooks, skill sheets, and supplies). They may also charge a registration fee whether or not minimum enrollment is met. Fees will vary depending on the policies of each individual ETA, but courses are generally offered tuition-free by many of these institutions.

Course Applications

If a fire department or other emergency service organization wishes to conduct a state accredited fire training program in their locale, the following steps will be followed:

  1. Submit a completed application for a Local Level course to an Educational Training Agency (ETA) of your choice that provides service to your county. Complete section 1 of the application, the Course Code can be found after the Course Title, the number of hours can be found under the course title. EMS Con-Ed information is found within the Course Description (if applicable). Most ETAs require applications to be submitted at least six (6) weeks before the proposed start date. (Check the reverse side of the application form for the address of the ETA(s) serving your area.)

  2. The Educational Training Agency will confirm that the requested course is accredited and; if a specific instructor is requested, confirm his/her accreditation to instruct the course. Where no specific instructor is requested, an instructor will be assigned to the course.

  3. The Educational Training Agency will contact the instructor and make all necessary arrangements for the class to be conducted on dates requested.

  4. The instructor and/or the Educational Training Agency will contact the requesting emergency service organization and confirm that the course request has been approved and an instructor has been assigned.

  5. If your organization wishes to totally sponsor the course, including the hiring and payment of the instructor, course applications should be sent six (6) weeks before the course start date directly to: PA State Fire Academy, 1150 Riverside Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044.

For specific information on the Local Level Training Program, click on the links listed below.