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Local Level Course Application

If your fire department or emergency service organization wants to host a PA State Fire Academy accredited fire/rescue training program in your locale, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Submit a completed Local Level Course Application for a Local Level course to an Educational Training Agency (ETA) of your choice that provides service to your county. Most ETAs require applications to be submitted at least six (6) weeks before the proposed start date. (Check the reverse side of the application form for the address of the ETA(s) providing service in your area).
  2. The ETA will confirm that the requested course is accredited and; if a specific instructor is requested, confirm his/her certification to instruct the course. Where no specific instructor is requested, an instructor will be assigned to the course.
  3. The ETA will contact the instructor and make all necessary arrangements for the class to be conducted on the dates requested.
  4. The instructor and/or the ETA will contact the requesting emergency service organization and confirm that the course request has been approved and an instructor has been assigned.
  5. If your organization wishes to totally sponsor the course, including the hiring and payment of the instructor, course applications should be sent six (6) weeks before the course start date directly to: PA State Fire Academy, 1150 Riverside Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044.

Local Level Course Application (PDF)