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Rescue Technician – Confined Space


The purpose of this program is to identify emergency service personnel who demonstrate competency in the performance requirements necessary to perform the duties of a Confined Space Rescue Technician. The NFPA 1006 Standard for Technical Rescuer Professional Qualifications Professional Qualifications identifies the minimum requirements for a rescuer at the Confined Space specialty level.

A person certified at the Confined Space Rescue Technician level will have demonstrated competency in the necessary knowledge and skills, to assess the incident, develop and implement an incident action plan, select and utilize the appropriate PPE, the ability to select and use monitoring devices, and ability to triage, package and remove victim from a confined space.

Information on the certification testing process, pre-requisites and study guide information can be obtained from the Candidate Handbook and Application.

Certification Documents

PLEASE NOTE:  All certification applications must be typed using the PDF fillable document.