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Marcellus Shale - Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Emergency Response Training Program is offering TEN (10) different classes.

These training programs are conducted by the State Fire Academy (SFA) Adjunct Instructors/Staff assigned to the Alternative Energy Emergency Response (AEER) Training Program that have successfully completed a Train-The-Trainer (T-T-T) program for the specific class.

To sponsor an AEER class in your county or specific questions about any classes, please email Jerry Bimle at or call the SFA at 800-459-4096 or 717-247-3752, and speak with Jerry Bimle, the Alternative Energy Specialist. 

Most of the classes are offered at no cost to the host agency.  The SFA provides the instructors, course materials and certificates. The sponsoring agency will be responsible for a suitable classroom with tables and chairs for all attending persons. Some classes require outside areas, and some classes are only available at certain locations due to the need for specialized training props.

Certain programs ( RTEI, FEUT, PEAT, PEOT) can be delivered in any of the Commonwealth’s 67 counties, while some class deliveries ( ALRT,WEFR, WPPE) can only be conducted in any of the counties where Marcellus Gas well drilling and production is now occurring or in the counties that border those counties.  The ( FSGE, WWHMT and WWHMTR) classes can only be delivered at sites where specialized props exist.

As courses are scheduled, they will be included with contact information for the sponsoring agency.  

APPLICATION    Pre-registration is mandatory for all AEER classes.  For questions regarding registration, you may contact Terri Brooks at  Please contact the host for directions or other local information.    

ALRT -  Advanced Logger Rescue Training 
FEUT -  Foam – Ethanol Technician Level I
FSGE -  Firefighting at Shale Gas Emergencies
NGVF -  First Responder Safety Training for Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Stations
PEAT -  Pipeline Emergencies Awareness Training
PEOT -  Pipeline Emergencies Operations Training
PPFR - Portable Pipeline for First Responders
RTEI -  Responding to Ethanol Incidents

TRIPR -  Transportation Rail Incident Preparedness & Response: Flammable Liquid Unit Trains
WEFR -  Wellsite Emergency First Responder
WPPE -  Wellsite Production Phase Emergencies
WWHMT - WWCI Hazardous Materials Technician
WWHMTR - WWCI Hazardous Materials Technician Refresher


Click here for a calendar of scheduled courses.