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‚ÄčLocal Level Training Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Local Level Instructor?

First you need to meet the minimum criteria for becoming a Local Level Instructor found in the Local Level Training Instructor Information (PDF). Second, you need to download a Local Level Instructor Application (PDF). Third, complete the application and submit it along with required documentation to the PA State Fire Academy, 1150 Riverside Drive, Lewistown, PA 17044.

When can I apply?

Applications are accepted at the State Fire Academy October 1 through December 15 of each year. Applications received any other time will be returned to the applicant.

Do I need letters of recommendation?

Yes, you need three letters, one of which must be from a current State Fire Academy Local level Instructor attesting to your integrity and abilities as a potential Local level Instructor.

I have a criminal history; can I still become an Instructor?

Yes, as long as it is not a conviction of greater than a third degree misdemeanor and depending on the type of violation, you must provide a full explanation of all details.  A Criminal History background check is also a requirement of the application.

What can I instruct when I am approved?

Courses are assigned individually based on your background, knowledge, and training on the subject material.

When/how am I notified that I have become a Local Level Instructor?

Upon review of your completed application and interview by the Field Supervisor determination is made by the State Fire Academy Administrator. You will be notified by email of the results usually mid-May to the first of June. *NOTE: Notification is done only after all prerequisites and required documentation are met and entered into the Instructor data base.

Do I receive outlines and materials for all of the courses that I am accredited to instruct?

Some courses have full instructional outlines and audio visual packets for them. Numerous course do not have formal lesson plans, you must write your own lesson plan in accordance to the Minimum Standard for Accreditation (MSA) that sets the course goal, specific objectives and a topic outline.

Who do I call/email if I have questions about the application?

Contact the Field Supervisor for the county in which you reside, you can find the contact information in the staff listing.

When I become an Instructor, how do I get paid?

Employment during instructional times is normally done thru our Educational Training Agencies (ETAs). ETAs are under contract with the Office of the State Fire Commissioner to provide training of State Fire Academy programs utilizing Local Level Instructors accredited by the State Fire Academy. You may be employed by as many ETAs you wish to that will accept you as an employee.

How do I become a Suppression Instructor?

You must successfully complete the Suppression Instructor Development Program (ZFID). Prerequisites for ZFID are; minimum 26 years of age, Fire Fighter 2 certification, Fire Instructor 2 certification, Incident Safety Officer (16 hour NFA course), Hazardous Materials Operations training, Terrorism training, Fire Operations at Large Structures (ZSFA) or equivalent., 150 hours of Structural Track training, three (3) letters of reference from current Suppression Level Instructor and a completed ZFID application.

Can I be an Assistant Instructor for Entry Level Training (IFSTA) even though I am only a Non-Suppression Instructor?

Yes, non-suppression instructor(s) who have obtained approval from the State Fire Academy can serve as assistant instructors/guest lecturer for the first three levels (ELIS, ELFG, and ELEF). For complete instructions, go to Entry Level Fire Training Curriculum Policy #2005-01 (PDF).