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​Traffic Incident Management Personnel (NFPA 1091)

A new level of National Professional Qualification Certification is available through the Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner/State Fire Academy: NFPA 1091 - Traffic Incident Management Personnel.

The Pennsylvania Office of the State Fire Commissioner/State Fire Academy was approved in November by Pro-Board and IFSAC to conduct National Professional Qualification testing for Traffic Incident Management Personnel – NFPA 1091.

This professional level of certification was developed in response to the need for safe roadway operations in traffic control incident management for Fire, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Towing and Recovery agencies and the Department of Transportation.

Proper traffic management during roadway incidents remains one of the continued focused interests to protect emergency responders, the motoring public, and other agencies who operate in coordination with responders during an emergency incident. Death and/or injury remains a high safety and health related event for emergency responders, roadway workers, and the tow industry.

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) training can be obtained from multiple recognized sources. This training offers a strong foundation for safe roadway/highway operations and focuses of key points of an overall effective traffic incident management system. 

The Traffic Incident Management Personnel – NFPA 1091 certification provides a measure of knowledge at the minimum competency level that would enhance the awareness and activities at a roadway incident

More Information

For more information on the Traffic Incident Management Personnel Certification, please contact the certification staff at the PA State Fire Academy.