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Risk Watch Childhood Injury Prevention

RISK WATCH® A child injury prevention program from the National Fire Protection Association
The Number One Health Risk to children is Unintentional Injuries. The statistics are staggering: Each year in the United States, unintentional injuries kill more than 7,000 kids and permanently disable more than 120,000.
The Cost of Unintentional Injuries

•Every time a child is injured or killed by something that could have been prevented, everyone suffers - the child, his or her family, classmates and friends, and the entire community.
•Losses may include cost of medical treatment, loss of human potential, and the loss of time at school.
The question: Are there injury and death prevention solutions?
The answer: Yes, it is Risk Watch®
•Risk Watch® is a comprehensive injury and death prevention curriculum, developed for pre-school through grade eight children by a panel of respected safety and injury prevention experts and distributed and managed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
•Risk Watch® addresses the eight major risk factors for children. With proper education, children can learn to be safer and prevent injuries. Risk Watch is designed to do just that. Risk Watch is a sequential, comprehensive program of instruction that builds on prior knowledge.
•Risk Watch® is perfect for schools or fire departments, hospitals and other community agencies and it gives kids the skills and knowledge they need to recognize and avoid risks. Risk Watch is a sequential program of instruction presented in five teaching modules that address eight risk areas and builds on lessons in prior modules. Each module can be used independently also. Risk Watch can be taught as a stand-alone unit or easily integrated into school core curriculum subjects such as health, language arts, and physical education.
Risk Watch® curriculum covers these eight major risk factors that kill and injure the most kids:
Risk Watch® modules are grade-specific to make teaching easy. There are Lesson cards for each risk area, including a lesson plan and step-by-step procedures for classroom activities.
Letters are provided in each module that enable parents and caregivers to improve safety at home.
•Personal safety is a value that is learned at an early age. The earlier a child is introduced to the concept of personal safety and injury prevention, the more effectively injuries and death can be prevented.
•RISK WATCH is the thoroughly tested and proven educational program that will get results in prevention of childhood injuries and deaths.
More Information on the Risk Watch® curriculum material is available at
Some limited material may be available from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.