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Emergency Training Center Capital Grants

This program provides funding for emergency service training providers.

Eligible recipients include:

    • Emergency services training centers
    • Community colleges
    • County-owned facilities
    • Municipal or fire department-owned facilities
    • Nonprofit, countywide associations

Eligible expense categories:

    • Establish/modernize facilities that house:
        1. Firefighting equipment
        2. Ambulances
        3. Rescue vehicles
      • Acquire/renovate structures to house firefighting equipment, ambulances, or rescue vehicles, or construct/modernize facilities.
      • Repair/purchase firefighting, ambulance, or rescue equipment to provide proper and adequate training.

What You Need to Apply

1. A Keystone ID: If you don't yet have one, set up a username and password with the Keystone Login Portal.

2. An active Commonwealth Vendor Number: Your organization needs this so we can process your future grant contract and payments. 

3. Direct Deposit: Existing commonwealth vendors can sign up for direct deposit and add/change bank account information via the Direct Deposit Form.

In A New Windo.


Applications are open. Apply online.


Pennsylvania Act 104 of 2022 was signed into law on Nov. 3, 2022. It establishes the intent to provide a source of capital funding for emergency service training providers.