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Important Features of The 2014-15 Grant Application
USER ID and PASSWORD - The grant application system does not retain your old User ID and Password.  You will have to create a new User ID and Password in order to access the 2014-15 Grant application.
INFORMATION PAGE - This is the first page you will encounter after you log into the application. It is intended to provide you with information and announcements that will assist you in completing your application. Announcements regarding new information about the grant program or current problems with the Online Grant Application will appear at the top of this page.
Final Reports for the 2014-15 Grant must be submitted to the Office of the State Fire Commissioner no later than September 2, 2015.
EIN # CHANGES: To enter the 2014-15 grant application, you must have your EIN #. If your EIN# has changed from the number you entered in the 2013-14 grant you must register your new EIN# using the Non-Procurement Registration Form.  You need to request a “new vendor #” because they will not update your current vendor account.  You must complete the IRS Form W-9, sign and fax it to the Payable Services Call Center at 717-214-0140 or e-mailed to along with the IRS letter listing your new EIN #.  Since they are creating a “new” vendor account you must also complete the Pennsylvania Electronic Payment Program (PEPP) Enrollment Form to “add” your current bank account information to your new vendor account.  They will not move current banking information from your old vendor file.  After the W-9 form, IRS letter, PEPP form and VOID check are successfully submitted, the registration will be processed and the vendor will be notified of his or her new vendor number by e-mail or phone from the vendor unit.  Please also send a copy of the e-mail to  with the forms so we can grant you access to the new grant while the vendor unit is updating your file.
FINAL REPORT REQUIREMENT - An organization will not be able to apply for this year’s grant if we have not received a Final Report documenting expenditures of funds received in previous grant years.
CERTIFICATION INFORMATION - We ask that you provide the name of the certified individuals as listed on their certification certificate and the last four numbers of the individual's Social Security Number (SSN). This information is critical to our being able to approve bonus points for certified members. Staff makes every effort to check the certification info provided to us so you earn all the points that are requested. Please check the reviewer’s comments on your grant when you receive an e-mail that your grant has been approved. We cannot revise any grants for points or changes in certified person’s once the grant approval date of December 19, 2014 has passed.
JOINT PROJECTS - Regional or Joint Projects are a cooperative agreement wherein any combination of three (3) or more separately chartered fire or rescue companies agee to use all or a portion of their respective grant request to jointly complete any project that qualifies under the Act.  To be eligible for a point project, each company's share shall not be less than $5,000 per organization. 
PennFIRS - Grants to eligible fire companies will be contingent on their agreeing to participate in and report information using the Pennsylvania Fire Information Reporting System (PennFIRS). 
BANK CHANGES - The Vendor Data Management Unit (VDMU) requires any bank changes to your VDMU record be made by submitting their Pennsylvania Electronic Payment Program (PEPP) Enrollment Form along with a copy of a blank or voided check.  If you know that you are going to require a bank change once the grant funds are available in 2015 please complete the (PEPP) Enrollment Form.  Fax it to the Payable Services Call Center at 717-214-0140 or e-mail it to This will expedite your grant funds being deposited in your account once the grant agreements become available.
FINAL REPORT PROCEDURE INCORPORATED INTO ON-LINE APPLICATION.  However, you are still required to provide either; invoices from a vendor showing your purchases and a zero balance owed or cancelled checks and invoices from the vendor for the fundable projects completed and paid for during the grant cycle (July 1, 2014 - September 2, 2015).  The web-based final report is accessible and can be completed through your online grant application; you must print the final report, sign and submit it to us via USPS (send by mail) along with the documentation required to complete the grant process.  If you need to make changes to your grant project(s), the modification process is also incorporated into your on-line grant application.
INFORMATION REGARDING GRANT AMENDMENTS.  If you wish to make an amendment to your grant project you must please follow these grant amendment instructions to do so.  You must "Create a Project Modification" for any project(s) not listed in your original grant application. Grant amendments for the 2014-15 grants are currently available.