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Eligible Projects

Facilities - Construction and/or renovation of the fire company's or ambulance service’s facility and purchase or repair of fixtures and furnishings necessary to maintain or improve the capability of the company to provide fire, ambulance and rescue services. 

       Facility - A structure or portion thereof intended for the purpose of storage or protection of
       firefighting apparatus, ambulances or rescue vehicles and related equipment and gear. The
       repair, renovation or construction of sleeping quarters (bunk rooms) is also included as an
       authorized expenditure. The term does not include meeting halls, social halls, social rooms, 
       lounges or any other facility not directly related to firefighting or the furnishing of ambulance
       or rescue services. 
Equipment - Purchase or repair of firefighting, ambulance or rescue equipment. 
       Equipment - Any apparatus, equipment or tools ordinarily used by a fire, rescue or ambulance 
       service in the performance of their duties.  Includes the purchase of fuel for company vehicles. 
Debt Reduction - Debt reduction associated with the facility (1) or equipment (2) categories above. 
Training - Training and certification of members. 
Training and education materials regarding fire prevention for the general public.
Career Departments Only - Overtime costs associated with backfilling positions while fire fighters are attending training