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​COVID-19 Fire, Rescue, and EMS Grant

The ​COVID-19 Fire, Rescue, and EMS Grant registration deadline was extended to August 14, 2020, at 4:00 PM. The registration period is now closed.

The purpose of this grant is to provide some much needed financial assistance to first responders who have found it difficult to keep their operations running due to COVID-19. As stated in Act 26, the money must be used for operational and equipment expenses.


The following information regarding the eligible projects and services is being provided to assist you with determining how the grant funds can be spent according to the state and federal guidance.

  • Act 26 of 2020 is a critical program using CARES Act money to assist the Fire, Rescue and EMS community during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Since Act 26’s enactment, federal guidance has changed the way the CARES Act money may be spent.
  • The intent of Act 26 was to permit applicants to use the funds to replace revenue as that is the backbone of many volunteer companies’ budgets, and it was OSFC’s desire to allow such expenditures.  However, considering the latest July federal guidance, applicants may not use the funds to replace revenue.
  • The commonwealth must follow the federal guidance to avoid having to pay back millions of dollars to the federal government for the misuse of CARES Act funds.  If an eligible grant recipient fails to utilize CARES Act grant funds in accordance with applicable federal guidelines, and the commonwealth is required to pay back funds to the federal government, then the commonwealth will require grant recipients to pay back any funds that were inappropriately used.
  • The federal guidance is constantly changing, and the applicants must be watchful for updated guidelines; OSFC will do the same and update via website throughout the performance period.
  • Neither the updated federal or updated OSFC guidance should affect the way any applicant currently applies for the program.
  • Once all applications are received following the registration deadline, award amounts will be calculated, and the funding will be awarded to applicants to use within the parameters provided through guidance and the website, which will serve to provide an overview and answer additional FAQs.
  • Any money an applicant does not spend on COVID-19 related expenditures must be returned to the commonwealth with the Final Report pursuant to the terms and conditions of the forthcoming Grant Agreement.

Grant Registration

Registration for this grant is closed.

To register, carefully review the grant guidance (updated July 27, 2020) (PDF)Follow these instructions (updated July 21, 2020) (PDF) to access the grant portal. Answers to frequently asked questions (PDF) are available.

You will need the following information to complete the registration in order to receive these funds. You may already have these numbers, but if you do not, please see the links below to acquire the necessary numbers in preparation for this registration.