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A facility is a structure or portion thereof intended for the purpose of storage or protection of firefighting apparatus, ambulances and rescue vehicles and related equipment and gear. The term does not include: meeting halls, social rooms, lounges, cloakrooms, bunkrooms, bathrooms, kitchens or any other facilities not directly related to firefighting or the furnishing of ambulance or rescue services.

A blueprint of the floor plan to scale must be submitted to the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Loan Program (FEMSLP) with the application. The approved plans/ drawings provided by an architect or contractor for the construction or modernization project must comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws concerning the project.

A copy of the deed must be submitted to FEMSLP with the application. If the property is not owned a copy of the lease that disclosed the terms and description of the property is required. When the registered owner is the Political Subdivision, the Department of Community and Economic Development requires the municipality to complete the Local Government Unit Debt Act (Act 177) because the municipality will be required to sign the PEMA loan settlement documents.

A copy of the Certificate of Occupancy issued by the PA Department of Labor and Industry must be submitted to FEMSLP before the loan settlement can be scheduled.

A mortgage title insurance policy in the amount of the FEMSLP loan insuring the interest of FEMSLP as the Mortgagee under the mortgage as a lien or charge upon the mortgage property. Mortgage title insurance may be obtained from an abstract company, or through an attorney.

A statement provided by the volunteer company that indicates whether or not the project includes installation of an automatic sprinkler system throughout the building, but in peculiar, in the equipment/apparatus bay area and/or installation of a dedicated detection/alarm system with annunciator monitored 24-hours per day. Please be advised that although not statutorily required at this point, we highly recommend you consider the inclusion of these items in your project.