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Communications Equipment

Any equipment or a system, or both, necessary for the transmission and reception of signals by voice required to support the operations of the volunteer company. All transmissions and communications equipment must be licensed or authorized by the Federal Communications Commission, “Public Safety Radio Service”, 47 C.F.R. Part 90 (relating to private land mobile radio services), meet the standards of the Agency, as set forth in any directives or guidelines, and meet the applicable requirements of the Public Safety Emergency Telephone Act (Act 78 of 1990).

Protective Equipment

Any clothing or equipment used by volunteer firefighters, volunteer ambulance service personnel, or volunteer rescue service personnel which affords protection from injury to the wearer or user, including fire coasts, boots, helmets, turnout pants, gloves, eye shields, chemical protection suites, and self-contained respiratory protection units.

Accessory Equipment

Firefighting, ambulance, and rescue equipment necessary to carry out the ordinary functions of supporting firefighting, medical, life support, hazardous materials response, and rescue activities. 

Equipment includes ladders, hoses, self-contained breathing apparatus, generators, floodlights and cords, smoke ejectors, compressors, hydrant-thawing devices, hydrant wrenches, door openers, portable pump and hand suction hose, couplings, adapters, connecting hose valves, gates and ropes, spanner wrenches, nozzles, fire extinguishers, axes, crow bars, ladder and cellar pipe, pike poles, hose clamps and bridges, wheel chocks, floor runners, circular metal saws, foam applicators or applicator equipment, portable resuscitators, first aid kits, power shears, life or safety belts, rescue tools, stretchers and blankets, ropes, deluge guns, winches, helmets, coats, boots, trousers, lanterns, ladder straps, wrenches, salvage covers, hand saws, power saws, pigtail ground adapters, cable with locking connectors, play pipes, sprinkler stoppers or wedges, backpack-type pumps, bolts, portable suction apparatus, hand-operated bag masks, oropharyngeal airways, mouth-to-mouth airways - child and infant sizes, portable oxygen equipment, mouth gags, tongue blades, sterile intravenous agents, universal dressings, sterile gauze pads, self-adhering bandages, burn sheets, lower extremity traction splints, padded boards, inflatable splints, spine boards, triangular bandages, safety pins, shears, obstetrical kits, sterile gloves, umbilical cord clamps or tapes, dressings, towels, plastic bags, poison kits, blood pressure manometers, cuffs, stethoscopes, and other equipment for rescue, communications and hazardous materials activities as determined by the Agency.

Equipment shall comply with approved standards of the Agency, the National Fire Protection Association, Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual Laboratories, National Bureau of Standards or other Nationally recognized inspection or rating agency.