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Home Rooms Safety
Basements, Garage, Storage
Keep areas clear of newspapers, rubbish, and other combustible materials.
Store oily, greasy rags in labeled, sealed non-glass containers.
Keep flammable liquids away from pilot lights, power tools, workbench, furnaces, and vehicles.
Store gasoline outside the home in safety cans.
Use proper sized fuses/breakers. Make sure circuits are not overloaded.
Limited extension cord use.
Living Room, Family Room, Den, Bedrooms
Keep matches/lighters beyond the reach of young children.
Use large, deep ashtrays, emptied often.
Maintain air space around TV/stereo so they won’t overheat.
Keep furniture, curtains, paper away from space heater, wood stove, and fireplace.
Keep fireplace screened, cleaned.
Use safe lighting, no candles.