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Pennsylvania's Juvenile Firesetting Fire Safety Education Curriculum

One of the two major juvenile firesetter interventions is the successful completion of a fire safety education program for both the juvenile and his or her caregivers.  A fire safety education program for juvenile firesetters is not the typical fire prevention presentation although the curriculum does include a fire prevention element.  The fire safety education intervention is specific to fire setter activity and includes an awareness of fire, its uses and consequences, personal responsibility, and the fire service.  Both the juvenile firesetter and their caregivers are required to successfully complete the education program and the curriculum is highly effective in eliminating the fire setting activity.  Pennsylvania has developed a comprehensive fire safety education curriculum package for juvenile firesetter intervention entitled "A Spark of Knowledge." The program is based on proven and effective methodology and is the only curriculum recommended by the State Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Advisory Group.  The curriculum is delivered by trained and experienced fire service personnel but may also be delivered by other disciplines engaged in firesetter intervention. 

CD-based curriculum package available through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner