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Pennsylvania's Juvenile Firesetting Intervention Protocol

The Pennsylvania Intervention Protocol for the Prevention and Mitigation of Juvenile Firesetting is designed as a resource and guide to assist communities and regional organizations in creating, operating and managing effective Juvenile Firesetter Intervention programs.  The protocol is divided into eight major elements that are considered essential in creating successful programs.  They are:

Division One - Juvenile Firesetters and their Families 
Division Two - Identification and Screening 
Division Three - Juvenile and Family Interview 
Division Four - Program Components and Intervention 
Division Five - The Optimal Community / Regional Network 
Division Six - Program Operations and Management 
Division Seven - Program Educational Component  
Division Eight - Regional/Local Program Components

A juvenile firesetting intervention program must be part of a community or regionally based network that offers a continuum of care designed to provide a range of intervention services including prevention, education, immediate treatment, and graduated sanctions, to juveniles and their families.  Community and regional juvenile firesetter intervention programs must be diverse in composition and include multiple disciplines that continually have contact with juveniles.    They include: public and private school systems, fire service professionals, mental health professionals, school social workers and counselors, children and youth social service workers, juvenile justice probation officers, law enforcement and other like team members.     All of these and other like professionals should be part of the planned and coordinated effort to reduce child set fires.  The Pennsylvania Intervention Protocol for the Prevention and Mitigation of Juvenile Firesetting offers a specific set of programmatic tasks that will ensure the delivery of swift and effective intervention to this at-risk population and their families.
Please go to the Juvenile Firesetter Informational Program Publications to view and download available publications.