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Juvenile Firesetter Informational Program Publications

Informational brochures, booklets, PowerPoint programs and graphics have been developed to aid public education initiatives and training programs.  Materials are available in Adobe Acrobat format and may be downloaded for local reproduction and use. Publications available include the following:

Pennsylvania Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Information Brochures

These tri-fold full color brochures are available in a Professional version which contains technical information and a General Public version more appropriate for awareness information to the general population as well as those with an interest or concern with juvenile firesetting activity.

Parents Legal Responsibility Booklet

This 12-page color booklet is designed to be a guide for parents whose child may be involved in juvenile firesetting activity.  Most children and many adults do not understand the legal consequences of setting fires, especially the fact that the child may face criminal charges and that the parents could be held financially responsible for the child’s behavior.  This booklet informs parents and their children about their liability and responsibility and what to do if a child engages in firesetting activity.