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Data Collection and Reporting System

Pennsylvania has developed an electronic Juvenile Firesetter Data Collection and Reporting System which was implemented on a pilot basis in December 2007 and began collecting and processing limited data from several regional JFS programs.  The system will be expanded as new regional programs are recognized and use of the data collected is anticipated to be extremely valuable for future state endeavors for limiting the impact of juvenile set fires in Pennsylvania.

The design of the data system includes three elements:

Three Tier Design

  • Tier I:    Index Fire and Fire History
  • Tier II:   MDT Process and Recommendations
  • Tier III:  Outcome

Advantages of Data

  • To continue our professional and public educational campaign throughout Pennsylvania in terms of the juvenile firesetter problem.
  • To resist the tendency for juvenile firesetting to be a "submerged" problem.
  • To allow for a critical examination of problems and resource allocation.
  • To establish treatment efficacy and, as necessary, to revise intervention strategies based on demonstrated outcomes.
  • To promote good matches between risk elements and treatment resources.
  • To empower efforts to enhance resource allocation for juvenile firesetting assessment and intervention. 

A CD-based data collection system package is available through the Office of the State Fire Commissioner