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Volunteer Loan Assistance Program Application and Instructions
The VLAP Fill-In Loan Application is in PDF format and has been converted to allow data entry.  This will allow you to type your information directly in the fields on the application and then print.  Move from field-to-field using your tab key.  Depending on the speed of your computer and internet access, the fill-in application could take some time to download.  The Acrobat Reader does NOT allow you to save your filled in application to disk.
If you do not wish to fill in the application online, download the VLAP Loan Application.  Print the application and then write your information in the fields, as required.  Send the completed application to the Volunteer Loan Assistance Program.
NOTE:  The application requires signatures and dates before mailing.  In addition, please note those sections that need to be notarized. 


The following documentation must be included per the Application Requirement List:

VL1 Loan Application

VL2 Resolution to Borrow

VL3 Contractors Form

VL4 Proof Of Publication

VL5 Financial Statement

VL8-9 Suppliers Contractor's List

VL10 Letter of Responsibility

Financial Information Form

Officer's List Fill-In