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Staff Directory

    Archer, Tim      Resident Instructor, SFA-Lewistown
Barben, Barb  Accountant, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2199
​Bimle, Gerald ​ Alternative Energy Specialist, SFA-Lewistown ​717-247-3752 ​
 Brooks, Terri  Resident Program Registrar, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3747
Carlson, Rachel ​ Fiscal Tech, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2206 ​
 Foust, Edward  Maintenance Repairman, SFA-Lewistown 717-248-0537
​Harpster, Linda ​ Local-level Program Support, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3742​ ​
Herman, Kraig  Public Education Specialist, OSFC-Harrisburg                     717-651-2209                      
    Knorr, Diane  Alternative Energy Program Support, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3753                   
 Koller, Kathy  Local Level/Certification Support, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3749
 Laudenslager, Gary  Grant Program Suppport, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2011
  Leiter, Thomas  Resident Instructor, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3748
McBride Jr. Michael​ ​ Certification Program Specialist, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3744​ ​
​Sinclair, Letitia​ ​ Acting Volunteer Program Manager, OSFC-Harrisburg ​717-​651-2205 ​
​Smyth, David ​ Certification Program Specialist, SFA-Lewistown ​717-247-3754  ​
  Snyder, Douglas  Eastern Area Field Supervisor, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3745                                 
 Snyder, Robin  Fire Commissioner Secretary, OSFC-Harrisburg 717-651-2201
Solobay, Timothy ​ State Fire Commissioner, OSFC-Harrisburg ​717-651-2201
Trego, Bruce  Acting Administrator, SFC-Lewistown 717-247-3740
Williams, Christine​ ​Administrative Office/PennFIRS, OSFC-Harrisburg 7​17-651-2202​

Wineland, Mark  Western Area Field Supervisor, SFA-Indiana 724-357-0103
Young-Brungard, Tracie  Certification Program Manager, SFA-Lewistown 717-247-3743

 All media inquiries should be directed to the OSFC Press Office - 717-651-2009.